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Tuul Alates: 30-11-2021 23:24 Kuni: 01-12-2021 23:24 hoiatus: Tuul Tase: Kollane info button
põhja- ja loodetuul 13, puhanguti 18 m/s.north, northwest wind 13, in gusts up to 18 m/s. 
Sager Algorithm
Sager Algorithm

Weather forecast using Sager algorithm

Northern Hemisphere

By Naish v 1.0
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The Sager Weathercaster predicts the weather quickly and accurately. It has been in use since 1942. It allows you to make forecasts of the weather, temperature and wind instantly for a radius of about 30 miles of your immediate location.

With the Sager Weathercaster and correct observations you can make precise and up-to-the-minute forecasts in rapidly changing conditions for your exact location. Highest accuracy is of course obtained by making forecasts at frequent intervals.

This is an open code algorithm